1. Ford Ranger Sumo Springs Constant load
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Load assist “airless airbag” suspension system. Suitable for Ford Ranger PJ and PK 4WD with constant loads.

SumoSprings transform vehicles fitted with leaf spring suspension and have been designed and engineered specifically to meet market demand for a zero maintenance suspension support solution. Gone are the days of pumping up airbags in order to improve suspension and achieve a level load. SumoSprings are a ground-breaking, “fit and forget” product that requires zero maintenance or adjustment once installed.


Simply fit and forget

SumoSprings were developed in response to market frustration with conventional airbag suspension products.

  • Self adjusting - doesn't require constant adjustment via pumping up and down.
  • Leak and rupture proof.
  • Reduces rear end sag.
  • 100% maintenance free

Drivetech SumoSprings

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