1. Ford Falcon XT-FG Sumo Springs Constant load
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Load assist “airless airbag” suspension system. Suitable for Ford Falcon XT-FG with constant loads.

SumoSprings transform vehicles fitted with leaf spring suspension and have been designed and engineered specifically to meet market demand for a zero maintenance suspension support solution. Gone are the days of pumping up airbags in order to improve suspension and achieve a level load. SumoSprings are a ground-breaking, “fit and forget” product that requires zero maintenance or adjustment once installed.


Simply fit and forget

SumoSprings were developed in response to market frustration with conventional airbag suspension products.

  • Self adjusting - doesn't require constant adjustment via pumping up and down.
  • Leak and rupture proof.
  • Reduces rear end sag.
  • 100% maintenance free

Drivetech SumoSprings

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