1. TJM XGS Coil Springs Front / Rear
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Springs are one of the hardest working suspension components in any vehicle, supporting the vehicles weight, 24 hours a day. Often your original springs will fatigue and perform less than adequately with additional load or when used in extreme environments. TJM XGS 4WD Suspension offers one of Australia's largest range of aftermarket coil springs made to TJM's exacting specifications with many unique design features to suit today's Four Wheel Drives.

TJM XGS Coil Springs are manufactured on computer controlled coiling machines, scragged before and after shot peening, load tested and supplied in a durable powder coat finish.

There are a few choices to make when it comes to selecting coil springs, there are standard replacement springs, heavy duty springs and raised coil springs so give us a call or send us an email so we can help you decide which product best suits your vehicle. We will most likely ask you the following questions so make sure you have a think about the answers to help us get you a quote quicker. 

1. What vehicle do you own? Make/Model/Year
2. Do you have any accessories fitted? (eg Bullbar, winch, roof rack, rear bar)
3. What kind of 4WDing do you do most? (long distance touring, towing, weekend trips)
4. Will you be towing? If so how heavy? 



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